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Choose from our wide selection of beers from the UK and far beyond. Our range covers all styles from ales, IPAs and Stouts to one off collaborations and limited run beers from some of the most innovative brewers around. Explore our range and we’re sure there is something to suit all tastes!


Low/No Alcohol

Anything less than 3% ABV here and covering a good variety of flavours and options for those who just want something tasty to drink without the alcohol content.



Our growing range of sparkling and still cider and perry is diverse and covers all manner of flavours. The majority of those on offer hail from Devon, Somerset and Herefordshire however we are constantly on the look out for new and interesting producers to add to our menu.


Wines & Spirits

We’ve picked a small range of products from artisan and traditional producers local to us and added them to those damn good drinks we like to drink ourselves! We hope you will find something you won’t find in your average supermarket.


Gluten Free

There is a growing trend for brewers to ensure no gluten has gone into their products and here we are making sure we have these available for you. Includes our range of spirits that are naturally gluten free.


Home Brew Supplies

If you want to take a turn at producing your own beer, wine or cider, we have a range of products including grains, yeasts, starter kits, equipment and accessories suitable for beginners and more advanced alchemists!



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